Author: Chris Fernando

My name is Chris N. Fernando and I am freelance writer based out Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have over six years of experience in writing, editing and journalism. I have worked with a variety of prestigious publishing houses such as Cybermedia India Pvt. Ltd, Evermedia India Pvt. Ltd., ITP (Dubai), and DIT Publishing (Dubai). I have also been published in a variety of international publications as a freelance writer. I offer a range of content-related services. The following services are some of the jobs I undertake - these are aimed at both print and digital medium. * Features: Articles and features for magazines, newspapers, websites, or any other medium, on various topics such as information technology, consumer electronics, lifestyle, travel, business, industry, and so on. * Press Releases: Creating press releases for distribution in media. * Case Studies: Case studies on variety of industry verticals. * News Articles: News stories and articles for magazines, newspapers, websites, or any other medium. * Brochures: Company brochures, product catalogues, event guides. * Web site Content: Content for your web site. * Content Editing: Grammar checks, rewriting articles, copy editing, proof reading. * Industry Reports: Reports on various industry verticals such as information technology, retail, manufacturing, distribution channel, logistics and cargo, mobile phone industry, telecommunication. * Technical Writing: Writing and developing books, authoring, co-ordinating with authors, assigning books. * Technical Editing: Editing technical books, software reports, technical manuals, courseware, academic books and so on.Other Services: Services related to content generation and creation.