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Mumbai is 10th Costliest in World for Buying Flats

Despite the 26/11 terror attacks, Mumbai is the tenth costliest city in the world for properties, while India’s IT capital is second cheapest, just ahead on Cairo, in a list of 120 cities, a research reveals. The costliest city for properties is Monte Carlo, where a top-end apartment costs around Rs 23.15 lakh per square […]

Corporate India Gets Ready for Rains in Mumbai

Last year’s water-logging in Mumbai due to heavy rains had caused inconveniences to many working people in Mumbai. Some were stranded due to non-availability of transportation (trains were canceled due to water logging on train tracks), and other problems. This time, corporate India has come to the rescue to ensure that their employees don’t face […]

“Is India Sex Starved?”, Asked CNN-IBN

Yes, I know I am late on the whole “Seventy Men Molest Two Girls in Mumbai on New Year’s Eve” topic. For those who don’t a have the slightest clue of what I am talking about, here’s an excerpt from one of the nation’s leading dailies: “In a shocking incident two women were molested by […]

Taare Zameen Par is a Star

At first, after seeing the promos, I dismissed the movie as “another ‘Jaago India’ flick.” However, after watching the movie over the weekend, I have to admit that I came out of the cinema hall impressed! Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth), directed and produced by veteran Indian actor Aamir Khan is indeed a gem […]

Virar – Not Just a Small Town Anymore!

I am in India for Christmas and New Year, till 12th of January 2008. I reached India on 20th of this month and I am enjoying my stay here. Unlike last year, when I spent my vacation in Chennai (since my family was in Chennai), this time around, I am in Mumbai – Virar to […]

A $60 Billion Plan for Mumbai Makeover (Yay!!)

The Maharashtra government has drawn up an ambitious $60 billion (Rs 2.25 lakh crore) action plan for makeover of Mumbai, aimed to convert India’s commercial capital into a global financial hub. “Our government is serious on transforming Mumbai into a global financial centre and the plan is aimed at transforming the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) […]

Bambaiya Lingo

Was reading through an article at The article suggested some Mumbaiya (Bambaiya) Lingo. Here they go… A for AilaA Marathi exclamation made famous by Sachin Tendulkar in a Pepsi ad when he says ‘Aila, plane’ B for BhendiA mild expletive or abuse. The ignorant might think this is local lingo for a vegetable (okra). […]