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Ladies First, No?

I looked at her enquiringly, suggesting that it was my turn, and she wasn’t even in the queue for God’s sake! She looked at me and uttered what she thought was “the golden rule”. “Ladies first, no?” she said.

Indiatimes Shopping Sucks… Big Time!!

Online shopping experience is awesome – everyone says. For me, over the past week, online shopping experience has been anything but awesome. Ever since I got engaged (YES! Am Engaged!!), I wanted to gift something special to my fiancee Prarthana who stays thousands of miles away in India. The marriage date has been fixed for […]

India Vs Pakistan

Tonight, I went to this Indian Club in Bur Dubai to have a couple of drinks with my colleague. There is also a Pakistani Club in the vicinity. While we were at the Indian Club, a bunch of Pakistanis showed up. Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on 14th of August 2008, while India celebrates on […]

Need a Taxi in Sharjah? God Help You!

The other day, I blogged about how easy it was getting a taxi in Dubai – courtesy, Dubai Taxi’s Call Centre. Then three days ago, I went to my friend’s house in Sharjah to spend the weekend. In the morning, I wanted to return to Dubai, since I had some unfinished business. Since my friend’s […]

Ban Rules are Back – WTF??

This is so irritating – it’s so typical of the Dubai government. First they introduce a six month ban on employees leaving or changing jobs and then they revoke it. And now again they have decided to bring the job ban back – such morons! The Labour ministry in Dubai has said that the six-month […]

Scamsters Get Creative!

The other day, I received a mail from a girl by the name “Cynthia Diop”. Apparently, her father and mother were killed, when West African rebels attacked her house. She was transferred to a refugee camp in Dakar. In her mail, she wrote that she was looking for a “good relationship” with me and wanted […]

Six Journos Killed So Far in 2008

The other day, I received a report from the International Press Institute (IPI), titled “IPI Death Watch”. It’s appalling to know that six journalists have been killed so far in 2008. The number includes one journo killed in Afghanistan, one in Nepal, one in Pakistan and three in Iraq. The following are some statistics over […]