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A. R. Rahman Strikes the Right Cords… Again!

I just finished listening to the OST of Gautam Menon’s most-awaited Tamil movie Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya (English: Will You Cross the Skies and Come to Me?), composed by the Oscar, Grammy and numerous awards winner A. R. Rahman! Having listened to all the seven songs in the album, I have to say that the Rahman magic is here to stay… for a very very very long time.

It’s Sad, So Sad…

DIT Group, part of the Saudi giant Dabbagh Group announced yesterday officially that it’s closing down operations of DIT Group. I have been associated with DIT Group for over 4 years now and have seen it grow year after year. I started off as a Sr. Writer and ended my stint at DIT as a Managing Editor, handing the entire technology portfolio, consisting of the world-renowned tech magazine – PC Magazine. Apart from PC Magazine, technology portfolio at DIT Group consists of Arabian Reseller, Tech@Home, Tech@Work, and various other supplements. The announcement of shutting down PC Magazine is highly unfortunate. Rest in peace, PC Magazine Middle and Near East…

New Law to Restrict Freedom of Speech in Media

The United Arab Emirates’ new proposed media law, recently approved by the Federal National Council (FNC), is causing a stir among press freedom groups and journalist circles. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has appealed to the UAE’s Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, urging him to reject the law, which the group warns would harm press freedom in the UAE.

Mumbai is 10th Costliest in World for Buying Flats

Despite the 26/11 terror attacks, Mumbai is the tenth costliest city in the world for properties, while India’s IT capital is second cheapest, just ahead on Cairo, in a list of 120 cities, a research reveals. The costliest city for properties is Monte Carlo, where a top-end apartment costs around Rs 23.15 lakh per square […]

Mumbai Says Enough is ENOUGH!

The 4-day ordeal in Mumbai has finally come to an end and the city is safe. But at what price? 149 dead and about 300 wounded. This has gone too far. We have got to say that enough is enough. I blame the Indian government for not taking a strict stand against terrorism. I blame […]

Mumbai Under Attack

Fuckin’ terrorists are back again – this time they have again targeted the financial capital and the most diverse and cosmopolitan city in India – Mumbai. It’s my city and I am really saddened at what I have seen and heard since last night. Yet, the spirit of Mumbai lives on. The Mumbai metro is […]

“I Will Not Be Broken”

Yesterday, I received a mail from Dani Sevilla of Survivor Corps – a support service programme for US soldiers returning from War, who are hurt, either emotionally or physically. Survivor Corps is a programme that grew from Landmine Survivors Network. The organisation has expanded its mission to help all survivors of war. Landmine Survivors Network […]

All Smiles Around!

Way back in 2005, I created The Great DIT Collage, using a few images I had shot inside DIT’s offices in Dubai. Today, history repeats itself – we were testing this new digital point and shoot camera from Sony, which comes with a “Smile Detector” feature. Smile Detector essentially means that the camera shoots the […]

Crisis in the Congo: Help IMC Continue Their Good Work

In September 2008, I had posted a blog post titled “Help International Medical Corps Feed Hungry Children”. Back then, IMC’s “Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children” project was nominated for the Top 25 American Express’ Projects. IMC eventually went on to win $100,000 to help support their good cause. Today, I received a mail from […]

Help International Medical Corps Feed Hungry Children

The other day, I got an unusual request. Chessia Kelley from the International Medial Corps (IMC) – a nonprofit organisation – sent me a mail asking me to blog about IMC on my website. IMC is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organisation dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and […]