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Managing Your Freelance Writing Career

While having a regular freelance writing gig is really nice, can you keep up with the ongoing need for fresh content? Can you balance the workload with other projects? Say you have a client who has you blogging weekly or even daily. Have you found it easy to come up with simultaneously original and useful content each and every week or even every day? In some saturated niches, it’s not always easy producing regular content. Very few freelance writers have just one project on their plate at a time. At my busiest, I’ve been working on eight or nine projects simultaneously, which requires a certain degree of multi-tasking.

How Much of Social Networking is Too Much?

There has been a huge buzz surrounding the advantages of using social networking websites to promote your home business. Websites like Twitter and Facebook have been hailed as the latest, greatest way to gain more traffic to your website, and promote business programs that you are involved with. But, did you know that there are ways that social networking can harm your efforts at running a successful business?

Six Tips to De-Stress Your Writing Life

You look at yourself in the mirror and ask “Is that vein supposed to throb like that?” In the back of your mind, you’re pretty sure it isn’t supposed to. Stress hits everyone at some point in their lives. But it seems to hit writers more often. The solitary life we lead just adds to the amount of stress. Not to mention the deadlines, projects, family obligations, work problems, appointments, meetings, lack of exercise, poor diet, and everything else we have to accomplish in a day. Here are some things you can do to relax without taking too much time away from your writing, or life.

Pitching Your Freelance Writing Services

Many freelance writers, when they’re looking for work, send around their CV. This is a VERY ineffective tactic. Everyone’s busy. Who has time to read a CV, and then work out how they can use your talents? CVs, resumes, and blatant statements such as: Hi, I’m John Doe, and I’ve written blah, blah, blah… do you have work for me? John Doe (and Mary Jane), it’s YOUR job to find out what a company does, and how YOU can help the company to do it better, faster and cheaper.

Self Publishing Mistakes People Make

If you’re about to self-publish your first book, you can make a handful of mistakes that can mean the difference between a successful publishing venture and a total bomb. Careful planning and implementing your own common sense are two ingredients that can help guarantee your success. ew and experienced self published authors alike make this mistake over and over again. They focus too much on what they want to write and publish instead of finding out what their audience wants or needs. Don’t be self absorbed. Discover what your targeted reader wants or needs help with. Then write a book they read from front to back and tell all their friends about. They will love you for it and read everything you write. To top it off, your book will make you famous and sell beyond your wildest dreams. All because you put aside what you wanted to write and gave your audience what they wanted to read.