Month: April 2005

Infosys, world’s most valuable IT firm

Are Bangalore-based Infosys Technologies and Wipro Ltd, India’s software bellwethers, the first and third most valuable software services companies in the world? It would seem so. Today, the $1.5 billion Infosys would be the costliest company to acquire even ahead of the $16 billion Accenture, the biggest consultancy and software solutions multinational. Surprised? Don’t be. […]

What a life!!

A guy called Udaynath Dakshiniray from Orali village in Keonjhar district of Orissa, has died at the age of 81. So what’s news about it you say? He was in fact married to 92 women in his lifetime! He wanted to marry 100 women in his whole lifetime, but died without having his wish fulfilled. […]

World’s tallest building in India!

Noida is aiming at reaching the top of the world by building the world’s tallest building as part of the Noida City Center. Plans to build this record-breaking skyscraper in this Delhi suburb were given the go-ahead on March 29, 2005. Local officials say that the building in Noida would be 710 metres (2,330ft or […]

The Procedure Of Electing The Next Pope

An amazing article on how the next pope will be elected. This article appeared in Click on the headline to go to Rediff’s web site. The Procedure Of Electing The Next Pope When the Pope dies, the administrator of the property and the revenues of the Holy See — who is known as Cardinal […]