Month: March 2006

Say the Colour. Not the Word!

Here’s a perfect example of Left-Right Conflict, as claimed by many web sites. No, am not talking about some politics involving some leftist and rightist parties. According to most web sites on the cyberspace, the image below shows how a conflict between the left and the right brain works. “While you start identifying the colours, […]

Vennilave… Velli velli nilave

Nowadays, I am hooked onto this song from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. I also quite like the songs Nerrupae and Karka Karka. Vennilave however reminds me of “Punnagai” from the film “Alaipayuthe”. The brief guitar note now and then in Vennilave also reminds of an 80’s song by Laid Back, called “Don’t Run From Your Shadow”. Coincidence? […]

Sivaji… punch lines

Some speculative punch dialogues from thalaivar’s next movie – Sivaji – The Boss! I got this list as a forward from one of my friends, who’s also an ardent Rajni fan. Yenjaaaaaaaaay!!! Dekhoji, naan thaan Shivaji Singathe konja mudiyathe…Sivajiya minja mudiyathe.. kanna…aalu rounda iruntha podhathu…aatathula all roundera irukkanum… Kanna, naan pakka dhan software, erangunan mavane […]

A Sandstorm and a Desert Safari

Well, it was a mixed experience- both adventurous and frightening. On Friday I went to an event sponsored by Western Digital, the hard disk drive manufacturer. The event was supposed to be an adventurous day out – we were to meet at the Jebel Ali Shooting Club for a quick hands on experience of using […]

Vettayadu Vilayadu…

If rumours are to be believed, Kamal Hassan’s most awaited movie Vettayadu Vilayadu should see the light of day sometime soon. I have been waiting anxiously for this movie to release – especially after sampling the awesome songs the movie has. Well, we already have a genious in Harris Jeyaraj – so the songs of […]

How dumb could people get??

I was browsing through apna Mid Day, when I stumbled into this news item. The news item ellaborates on how a couple in Mumbai, who were engaged and about to be married soon, lost their cell phone in an auto rickshaw. Well, people lose cell phone everyday – but if I had a cell phone […]

Where are the missing GBs?

Ahem… GBs as in GigaBytes and not Guest Books! Let me ask you a question – how many times have you observed that a flash disk or a hard disk drive, provided you with lesser storage space than advertised, after you partitioned and formatted it? I guess everytime, right? After months of speculation, just yesterday […]