Month: May 2006

Taking a Bite out of Apple

Intellectual properties have always been subjects of debate in the IT industry for quite sometime. Intellectual properties that manage to create a sense of anxiousness on the market, find themselves face-to-face with copyright infringements and court cases. The other day, I came across a news item on the internet that screamed “Creative sues Apple over […]

That’s a hat-trick!

“…or shall we say “Third Time Unlucky”? Well, I have lost hope. Every time there is something good waiting to happen, something or the other just goes wrong. I try so hard to make it happen… I almost tell myself… ‘oh, we are almost there’. But No! Fate doesn’t like me fooling around and there […]

The next Indian woman in space

Following the footsteps of Kalpana Chawla, an Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams will now be a part of the replacement crew for the six-month-long International Space Station Expedition. This space programme will be carried out in September this year. Sunita’s selection caps the prospects, which began in 2003 when she was selected by the National Aeronautics […]

Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare

Spoiler Warning I watched Hostel yesterday and I should say that it’s frickin’ sick! To describe the movie in two words – Sleazefest and Gore. Well, it’s a usual Quentin Tarantino movie – the first half of the movie seems like fun, while post interval is where you encounter a shock. The movie has however […]