Month: July 2006

Make Your Own Pinhole Camera

A pinhole camera is a small, light-tight can or box with a black interior and a tiny hole in the centre of one end. It is essentially camera without a lens. You can design it to accept roll or sheet film. The two ends of the camera are parallel. The end opposite the pinhole is […]

BusinessWeek Links Me!!

It was about a year ago that I added a web counter to this blog, to check out the profile and the kind of visitors landing onto my blog. However, I had forgotten about it all this while, simply because I was busy with other stuff. Today curiousity got the best of me and so […]

No One Messes With Mumbai

This is a letter I got as a forward from one of my friends, which shouts “No one messes with Mumbai. If you think Mumbaikars get frightened by such antics, you are terribly mistaken.” Image Courtesy:,, and Dear Terrorist, Even if you are not reading this we don’t care. Time and […]