Month: June 2007

Hooked on to Heroes!!

I am a great fan of Sci-Fi thrillers. So when my colleague Hatim (who also happens to be my boss), introduced me to Heroes – a science fiction running on NBC, I jumped right in! He offered me an entire series in HD format, which he had freshly downloaded off the internet through torrents. That […]

And now… the Media Player Review

I am back to Dubai from my trip to Taipei. I was there to cover Computex Taipei 2007. During my 7-day stay, I visited the computer street in Taipei and bough myself a hard disk drive case, which also doubles up as a multimedia player. As promised in my post, here’s the review. I bought […]

Tech Shopping in Taipei

Have been busy for the past few days, since my meeting schedule was packed, thanks to my magazine’s agent in Taipei – PRISCO. Got time today and tomorrow for my shopping before I fly back to Dubai tomorrow. I had been wanting to buy one of those 2.5-inch hard disk casings, which also double up […]

Great Food in Taiwan!

Taipei is well known for its hospitality. It’s a heaven for food lovers. I am a food lover, too. While there’s a huge variety of food and cuisine available in most hotels, restaurants or food stalls in Taipei, I have an advice for visitors from the Middle East – especially Muslims. According to Islam, it […]

Marriages are made in heaven… well almost!

Someone in the olden days, said something right – marriages are made in heaven. I am in Taiwan currently and am here to cover Computex 2007. I have been around the city and I am only impressed each time. Yesterday was a surprise! It started to rain, and for no reason, I glanced at Taipei […]

Computex – Part Duex

Having to cover Computex Taipei this year, I landed up in the city of great electronics and IT products, and stinky Tofu, for the second time. Took a long 11 hour flight from Dubai via Hong Kong to Taipei, Taiwan. I came to Taipei last year for the first time (again to cover Computex) and […]