Month: August 2007

Free Speech? My A***

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what Wikipedia is. It’s THE best and FREE encyclopedia you can ever lay your hands on. It’s the biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the internet, and contains over 7 million articles in over 200 languages – which is still growing on everyday. Virgil Griffith Most […]

Finally A Home We Can Call Ours!! (I Hope)

Everyone knows how it is to be single in Dubai. I can say it in one word – SAD!! No, it’s not that the girls here aren’t pretty (or hot!!). Neither do I intend to say that the night life sucks. It’s just that there aren’t many places in Dubai, which single people (bachelors and […]

Fake iPhones in Dubai

Chinese-made fake iPhones are flooding the Dubai market, reports Gulf News. According to the news report, a mobile phone store in Bani Yas Square, is selling a fake version of the phone (made in China), parading it as a genuine Apple product. The Real iPhone The imitation retails for AED1,400 ($381) and no warranty is […]

Slim and Trim

Samsung has unveiled its smart and stylish designed external slim slot-in drive. The model, named SE-T084L is a slot-in type DVD writer with USB connection for both Lap-top and desktop users. With easy insert and eject function that slot-in drives give (just push the disc to insert), this drive has special features that sets apart […]