Month: March 2008

Lisbon Baby!!

Am off to Lisbon, Portugal tonight, courtesy Epson. The company is launching a new range of printers and hence I have been invited on behalf of PC Magazine, a magazine I edit. I will be leaving tonight by Air France, with a stopover at Paris, France.

PC Magazine Techology Challenge 2008 Launched

Samsung Electronics and PC Magazine have announced the launch of PC Magazine Technology Challenge 2008, a trivia-style competition open exclusively to primary school students in the UAE, which will be held on April 5, 2008 at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium of The Indian High School, Dubai. The computer science and technology trivia challenge will gather […]

How NOT to Interview a Celebrity!

They say “Silence is Golden”. I believe in this saying. However, since I am a journalist, I sure have to question people to write my stories. However, I don’t talk or interrupt, when an interviewee is talking. And that’s what BusinessWeek’s Tech Columnist Sarah Lacy did, when she was interviewing on-stage, possibly the world’s youngest […]

Road Horror in Abu Dhabi

In what seems to be the worst accident to be ever recorded in the history of the United Arab Emirates, over 200 cars were involved in a massive pile-up on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road, that according to early estimates might have claimed the lives of more than ten people. About 40 were also reported injured. […]

Patapon Comes Marching In!

Today, when I reached office, I was in for a surprise. A packet was waiting for me at the reception – it was from a PR agency. I thought to myself, “Just another press release!” When I opened the packet, I was astounded – a drum-like box was inside with “Patapon” written on it. On […]

Reached Hannover

Reached Hannover yesterday, after a long 12 hour flight and a 25 minute stopover at Zurich. I was booked on Swiss Air and was given a business class ticket by Samsung, the sponsor of this trip. The flight was comfortable and the in-flight food was good, too. Since Samsung had some major announcements yesterday in […]

Germany Bound

I am traveling to Germany today to attend the largest IT extravaganza in the world – CeBIT 2008 at Hannover. Samsung Electronics was nice enough to sponsor this trip for PC Magazine – a magazine I edit. I will be in Germany for three days and I hope to make the best of this trip. […]