Month: April 2008

India Shows the Finger to US!

India once again proved that just because US saw us as a major outsourcing destination for itself, doesn’t mean that it can intefere in our political and other matters. India has rebuffed a call by the United States for it to ask Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment programme. The foreign ministry said neither India […]

In Today’s Edition of Gulf News

I am featured along with my colleagues Sunil D’souza and Hasem Hesham, in today’s edition of Gulf News. You should be able to find it on page 16 of the Tabloid Section. The occasion was a gala dinner thrown by Brother in celebration of them completing 100 years globally. The celebrations were held on Thursday, […]

The MONKEY is at it Again!

US President George Bush has said that if his country was attacked once again like 9/11, it would be the work of “militants hiding inside Pakistan.” Recent press reports published both in the Pakistani and foreign media have revealed that militant training camps for ‘foreign-looking persons’ were operating in tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. […]

The French Almost Screwed Up my Lisbon Trip!

OK. So, I reached eight hours late in Lisbon, Portugal and thought to myself that this much awaited trip was all screwed up! I was supposed to reach Lisbon at 8:00 am on 1st April 2008. Instead, I ended up missing my connecting flight to Lisbon at Paris, and so had to wait for eight […]