Month: May 2008

WWW Gems:

It was by chance that I discovered Well, you see, like many of you, I was “Googling” my name to find out whether any (and how many) search results showed up. And oh boy, was I in for a surprise!! Googling “Chris Fernando” threw up 5,200 search results, wherein this website was at the […]

20 Years of HP Deskjet

Today, when I walked into the office, I was in for a surprise. My colleague – Sunil D’souza – came running in saying HP had sent a goody bag. Inside contained six invitation cards along with six individual cakes from Mister Baker on behalf of HP. The invitation card announced that HP was celebrating the […]

Another Gem of a Tamil Rap!

Today while checking out some videos on, I came across a video from Dhanush’s 2007 Tamil movie Polladhavan. Polladhavan is loosely based on the Academy Award winning Italian film, Bicycle Thieves (1948). Dhanush is a happy-go-lucky guy who plays carom on the streets, blows out a considerable amount of his middleclass father’s earnings and […]

Six Journos Killed So Far in 2008

The other day, I received a report from the International Press Institute (IPI), titled “IPI Death Watch”. It’s appalling to know that six journalists have been killed so far in 2008. The number includes one journo killed in Afghanistan, one in Nepal, one in Pakistan and three in Iraq. The following are some statistics over […]