Month: July 2008

Need Taxi? Call Dubai Taxi!

Yesterday, I was waiting for a taxi outside my building to get to Deira City Centre. Me and a few friends were to meet at Cinestar to watch Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. About 45 minutes passed and no taxi yet. Old Pakistani Consulate area of Bur Dubai where I stay is known as an […]

Bad and Scary Dreams When You Are Sick

I have been sick over the past few days – I have been running a high temperature, splitting headaches, dry cough and body pain sum it up. Ever had a scary dream when you are sick? It happens to me a lot. Last night I had this dream wherein I was running away from a […]

Freakin’ Cool Super Bowl Pepsi Ad

Have you ever nodded yourself to sleep, while actually doing something – being a commentator on a show, at a restaurant waiting for your order to be delivered, waiting for the lift, working in a garage….?? Well, to wake up those catching a few winks, Pepsi has come out with a promo titled “Wake up […]

A Sense of Belonging – 80s and 90s Music

Yesterday, while I was waiting for my friend at my house to call me, I thought of logging on to YouTube to view some videos. It was Thursday night and we had planned to go out for a couple of drinks, before heading over to Deira City Centre for a movie at Cinestar Cinemas. While […]

Sharaf DG Bribes Scribes With an iPod Nano

So who’s complaining? Definitely not me!! Just when I was toying the idea of buying an iPod Nano for myself, Sharaf DG decides to gift me, and a few journos from Dubai with one. Yep, that’s right… a silver 4GB iPod Nano! The occassion was Sharaf DG launching its high-end audio video luxury store called […]

Family Guy is Funnier Than The Simpsons

Yes! I mean it!! Family Guy is the funniest animated sitcom I have ever seen!!! My hearty thanks goes to Seth MacFarlane for creating it and Fox for bringing it to the world. Family Guy centres on a dysfunctional family that lives in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The show uses frequent “cutaway […]