Month: October 2008

Max Payne is a Pain in the Ass

The other day, me and my friend went to Cinestar Cinemas at Deira City Centre to watch Max Payne. I was actually looking forward to the movie, because I love the game and I wanted to find out whether the movie adaptation of the game was equally brilliant. And I am disappointed. While there is […]

Indiatimes Shopping Sucks… Big Time!!

Online shopping experience is awesome – everyone says. For me, over the past week, online shopping experience has been anything but awesome. Ever since I got engaged (YES! Am Engaged!!), I wanted to gift something special to my fiancee Prarthana who stays thousands of miles away in India. The marriage date has been fixed for […]

Getting Psyched With Dexter

Before the five day Eid holidays kicked off (though we ended up working two of the five Eid holidays – but that’s a different story altogether), my colleague Irish got her portable hard disk drive and said “Chris, do you want any movies for the weekend?” I wasn’t going to say no to that. I […]