Month: May 2009

Spam Alert: Spammers Using Twitter to Gather E-Mail IDs

Twammers: That’s the new term being used to describe Twitter Spammers. Over the past few months, spammers have been employing disturbing number of new techniques to collect e-mail IDs from the popular micro-blogging service Twitter in order to grow their spamming business. While the ability to search for email addresses has always existed on search engines such as Google, Twitter and it’s real-time updates brings a whole new element to the matter. They come in fast, and they’re always going to be up to date. This is why it could be enticing for spammers.

Using Twitter For eCommerce

Many think that ecommerce has no place in the Twitter-verse, but look at some of the top accounts and you’ll think otherwise. From a one-person startup to fortune 500 CEOs, anyone can and is using Twitter to connect. I’ve been twittering now for a few months now, and I can definitely see its importance. And yes, I love the challenge of saying something interesting in 140 characters!