Month: February 2010

Are You a Morning Person?

You’ve pulled all-nighters. You’ve burned the midnight oil. You’ve worked through the wee hours. But what I’m suggesting is a radical departure from this. I’m suggesting that you carve out time to write in the morning – when the sun is on its way up rather than down, when you’re daisy-fresh rather than dog-tired.

A. R. Rahman Strikes the Right Cords… Again!

I just finished listening to the OST of Gautam Menon’s most-awaited Tamil movie Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya (English: Will You Cross the Skies and Come to Me?), composed by the Oscar, Grammy and numerous awards winner A. R. Rahman! Having listened to all the seven songs in the album, I have to say that the Rahman magic is here to stay… for a very very very long time.