Emirates Today Scrapped!

Today, when I walked into the office, I saw a new tabloid on the coffee table. The masthead screamed “Emirates Business 24/7”. I thought to myself, “another new newspaper, huh?” Then on close inspection, the tabloid felt like it had been revamped – it looked familiar. Then when I Googled, I realised that it has indeed been revamped and transformed. It was the new avatar of Emirates Today, a Government-owned UAE daily newspaper, owned by the Arab Media Group (AMG).

The Emirates Today of the yesteryears.

It was just two years ago in September 2005, when Emirates Today was launched to much fanfare. However, newspaper reports claim that the tabloid failed to capture readers with its everyday local human-interest stories in the short space of time it has been on sale.

The new Emirates Business 24/7.

A Closer Look.

The two-dirham tabloid has now been replaced by the new Emirates Business 24/7, which will cover business-related local, regional and international news.

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