Dus Kahaniyan – Some Excellent, Some Good, Some Ordinary!

Saw Dus Kahaniyan yesterday, at Plaza Cinema in Bur Dubai. I really wanted to watch this movie – especially after looking at its posters yelling “Six visionary directors, ten spectacular movies, one cinematic journey.”

The movie seemed quite big – six directors, 24 actors, four music directors, ten writers… Each story is about 15-20 minutes long. After a very long time, I caught up a Bollywood movie that had no song and dance numbers except for the title track during the credits and the background music – both excellent. The movie has a twist in every tale – each story is unique, different and in no way connected to each other.

The movie starts off with its first story titled “Matrimony” starring Mandira Bedi, Arbaaz Khan and Sudhanshu Pandey. The story is about the Sarin couple (Mandira Bedia and Arbaaz Khan), who have been married for five years. Without kids and happiness, Mrs Sarin gets involved in a extra-marital relationship. The story is all about extra marital affairs and how love can actualy make a fool out of you.

The second story titled “High on the Highway”, stars Jimmy Shergill and Masumeh. Though this one’s a violent, unpredictable love story between two reckless and uncontrollable people, I found the story to be senseless, boring and the weakest part of the entire film.

Pooranmashi starring Amrita Singh and Minissha Lamba, is the third story in the movie. The story is about a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter, who is engaged to get married soon. The movie is also about how the mother ends up being responsible for her daughter’s death.

The fourth story in the film is called “Strangers in the Night”and stars Neha Dhupia and Mahesh Manjrekar. On every wedding the couple share a personal secret. It’s the wife’s turn this year. She narrates a encounter with a stranger at a public railway station, that could change their lives forever.

“Zahir” is the fifth story in the movie and stars Manoj Bajpai and Dia Mirza. The story is about how two strangers meet on a lift, get instantly attracted towards each other, and how their bond of friendship grows. However, there’s a twist – soon, Bajpai discovers a bitter truth of Dia’s life, as he takes a step which changes his life forever.

Story no. 6 is “Love Dale”. The story stars Anupam Kher, Aftab Shivdasani, and Neha Oberoi. This story I think is too ridiculous to be true! Neha is traveling by train and she meets a woman with just one ear-ring. The story behind the one ear-ring changes her life.

Story 7 titled “Sex on the Beach” stars Dino Morea and Tareena Patel in lead roles. Dino finds a old book on a beach and signs on it, instantly he sees a woman half-naked in the water. He’s attracted to her, they have a great time together but all of a sudden things change.

“Rice Plate”, which is story 8 and stars Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah, is one of the best stories in the movie. The story is about how Shabana (a Hindu woman) confronts her religious bigotry as she shares a rice plate with a bearded Naseeruddin (a Muslim gentleman).

Story 9 is titled “Gubbare”and stars Anita, Nana Patekar, and Rohit Roy. In the story, a husband and wife, travelling on a bus, have a argument. An irritated Anita sits next to a interesting man holding 11 red coloured balloons in his hand. He is carrying them for his wife… The story behind the balloons carries a very important lesson in one’s life.

With Snajay Dutt on the poster of the movie, I thought he would be hogging the limelight. But wait – he’s just in one story – story 10 titled “Rise and Fall”. The story stars Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty and is about two gangsters, and their childhood friendship that finally leads to betrayal. The story however disappoints. Neither the performances nor the execution is upto the mark. Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty are pretty average in the story. It seems as if Sanjay Gupta couldn’t get over his obsession with gangster movies and he squeezed the 10th story in, forcibly.

Among the 10 stories, four succeed in making an impact. Rice Plate and Gubbare are the best and that itself is worth the price of the ticket. Performance-wise Nana Patekar and Shabana Azmi stand out.

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  1. what anutterly disappointing movie.. some of the performances were good..most of the scrits were terrible.. the only thing that can truly be applauded is the effort at pushing the boundaries of commercial hindi cinema.

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