Reached Hannover

Reached Hannover yesterday, after a long 12 hour flight and a 25 minute stopover at Zurich. I was booked on Swiss Air and was given a business class ticket by Samsung, the sponsor of this trip.

The flight was comfortable and the in-flight food was good, too. Since Samsung had some major announcements yesterday in the morning, I left for the exhibition halls directly from Hannover airport. I didn’t even get time to freshen up, which I urgently needed too, because as Russell Peters says, “I was thoroughly expired!” Anyways, I reached exhibtion hall 1 and called up Matt Pearman – a PR person from Samsung’s PR agency – Ogilvy. He was kind enough to locate me from a crowd of journalists waiting near the entrance of hall 1 and quickly whisked me to the conference hall.

The presentation was short and sweet and included many important announcements from Samsung. If you want to read about all the exciting things Samsung plans to bring to the market in the next few months, you might want to grab a copy of PC Magazine’s next issue!

After the press conference, I checked into my hotel – Ramada Hannover Europa. No hassles at all – everything was taken care of, by Samsung. All I had to do, was show my passport and collect the keys to my room – Room 104. Though the room was good, I was irked by the fact that there wasn’t any internet access in any of the hotel rooms. The only option was to buy a T-Mobile internet plan which would cost me a whopping 9 euros per hour. That’s bollocks!!

Well, look at the irony – a city that hosts the world’s largest IT event and the hotels in the city don’t even provide free internet in the hotel rooms. That’s so pre-historic! I guess, I will have to use the press office at the exhibition halls to accesss internet.

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