Patapon Comes Marching In!

Today, when I reached office, I was in for a surprise. A packet was waiting for me at the reception – it was from a PR agency. I thought to myself, “Just another press release!” When I opened the packet, I was astounded – a drum-like box was inside with “Patapon” written on it.

On opening the box, it dawned on me that it was a press pack of Sony PlayStation Portable’s (PSP) newest game – Patapon.

The press pack contained a CD (containing press material such as screenshots, game pack shots, and press releases of the game), and a UMD of the game itself!

Patapon is a new type of game where rhythm – not button-bashing or special moves – is key. The aim is to lead the Patapon through missions such as hunting enormous beasts and taking enemy castles – communicating your commands by beating different rhythms on your PSP buttons.

Each of the four PSP buttons makes a different beat – it’s down to you to combine them into commands that translate into orders to attack, defend and so on.  As the game goes on and you get better, you’ll learn more and more signals to control your Patapon.

You’ll lead your tribe through stacks of different missions – each mission requires you to equip your Patapon with the kit they’ll need, choosing from a hundred different items ranging from swords to hot air balloons. The key to Patapon success is striking the right balance of these different tools for each mission – and, of course, getting your beats right.

With 30 different environments to conquer and 50 different styles of mission – as well as extra downloadable content – I’m sure I will enjoy playing Patapon on PSP.

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