Road Horror in Abu Dhabi

In what seems to be the worst accident to be ever recorded in the history of the United Arab Emirates, over 200 cars were involved in a massive pile-up on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road, that according to early estimates might have claimed the lives of more than ten people. About 40 were also reported injured.

 The injured, some of them in critical condition have been rushed to the Khalifa Hospital.  Rescue teams from Dubai and Abu Dhabi swung into action immediately as ambulances, helicopters and patrol cars were rushed to the scene.
Police sources have blamed poor visibility condition brought about by the fog for the crash. 


 Two eyewitnesses on the scene of the mishap recounted the tragedy as it unfolded before their eyes. Zeeshan Javed a regular commuter on the stretch says that he just escaped ‘by a whisker’ as the cars in front of smashed into each other. “It was a big pile up.  I personally counted about eighty cars that had been wrecked beyond recognition.  Even though emergency units were quick to respond the fact remains that there have been casualities. I have never seen an accident of this magnitude. Some cars that had caught fire were charred beyond recognition. This has to be the worst ever.”


 Mobi Sher another commuter said that he was stuck in the traffic jam as a result of the accident for almost four hours. “The scene was absolutely ghastly. All around me the cars were lying in a massive wreck.”  While the poor visibility conditions have been blamed for the mishap, Sher said that the presence of oil residue from cars on the road probably contributed to the massive pile-up.  “I have noticed that most motorists tend to speed on this stretch and that could contributed to the entire mess. It was horrific,” added Sher.

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  1. Fog and wet roads did not cause 200 cars to pile into each other. It was excessive speed, lane changing and bad use of lights. This could’ve been prevented or at least the number of cars involved reduced.

  2. Hi thereEvery other blog I have read about Traffic Condition, has been lacking in information. Your insight into Traffic Condition is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Amanda.

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