Need Taxi? Call Dubai Taxi!

Yesterday, I was waiting for a taxi outside my building to get to Deira City Centre. Me and a few friends were to meet at Cinestar to watch Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. About 45 minutes passed and no taxi yet. Old Pakistani Consulate area of Bur Dubai where I stay is known as an area where taxi is hard to hail. This is because Meena Bazaar – one of the busiest shopping districts in Dubai, is just 2 minutes walk away.

So after waiting for 45 minutes without any luck, I decided to call Dubai Taxi’s call centre. After going through the selection of menus on Dubai Taxi’s IVR, I was attended to by a customer service representative – an Arab lady. I explained to her that I needed a taxi and gave my location as Sea View building in Old Pakistani Consulate area.

However, I believe there was a miscommunication between both of us and she ended up registering my location as Pakistan Consulate. I know this because I got a missed call from someone after about 10 minutes – I knew it was the taxi driver. I immediately called back – it was a person speaking in mallu hindi asking me where I was. He told me that he had reached Pakistan Consulate.

I told him that I was waiting at Sea View building in Old Pakistani Consulate (OPC) area of Bur Dubai and not Pakistan Consulate. So he told me that he is coming to my current location. In the meantime, I got a call from the Dubai Taxi’s call centre asking me whether I got the taxi – apparently after calling the call centre, I got a call from my friend who had already reached Cinestar and was wondering where the hell was I.

While I was on call with my friend, the taxi driver attempted calling me. Then since he couldn’t get through to me, he thought that it was a prank call and so he decided to call the call centre. The call centre called back and asked me whether I got into another taxi or whether I was still waiting for a taxi. I told them of the mix up in the locations and they said that my taxi was on the way.

I have called the call centre many times in the past and I have always received top notch service. I highly recommend it to everyone. On a scale of 10, I would readily give it a 9.

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