Need a Taxi in Sharjah? God Help You!

The other day, I blogged about how easy it was getting a taxi in Dubai – courtesy, Dubai Taxi’s Call Centre. Then three days ago, I went to my friend’s house in Sharjah to spend the weekend. In the morning, I wanted to return to Dubai, since I had some unfinished business.

terrified taxi driver

Since my friend’s sister and her family were visiting him, I didn’t want to bother him. So I told him to drop me off opposite Sharjah City Centre, because I figured it would be easy getting a cab there. I was wrong. Whenever I tried hailing a cab, the cab driver would stop in front of me, roll down the glass and ask my destination.

As soon as I said Bur Dubai, he would look at me as if I asked him to drive me to the “House on the Haunted Hill” or as if I just took a huge dump on his girlfriends’ chest! Each taxi driver would do the same and then speed off. After trying to hail a cab for about an hour or so, it thought if Dubai had a call centre, shouldn’t Sharjah have one? In Dubai, i have seen the companies advertise the call centre’s number on the cabs – I figured it would be the same in Sharjah.

I started noting down the numbers on the cabs in Sharjah – I found out that there wasn’t any single number for the call centre. Unlike in Dubai, wherein all taxi companies come under one entity called Dubai Taxi, Sharjah was totally different. There were a bunch of private companies involved in the taxi business, with names such as Arabia Taxi, Cars Taxi, and so on.

So I tried Union Taxi’s number – 06 5325555 – a guy answered the phone on the other end and said that the call centre was closed due to public holiday. I murmured – what a waste! Don’t call it a call centre if it isn’t open 24×7!! I then tried Cars Taxi’s number – 06 7407070 – don’t call this number in your lifetime! They make false promises. I called up the number and a guy answered the phone. He took down my mobile number and told me that a taxi driver will call.

It’s been 3 days now and nobody’s called yet.

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  1. Well, it depends on which taxi service you used on that particular day. Do you have a receipt of the journey? If yes, look for the name of the company and a telephone number listed on the receipt of the journey. If you don’t have the receipt of the journey, do you remember the colour on top of the taxi? What was the colour of the taxi’s body – green, pink, orange, etc? If you remember the colour, look for taxis matching that colour on the road and you will find a telephone number and the name of taxi company on the door. Call this number and ask for the “Lost and Found Dept.” Tell them the item you have lost, date, time, area, the meter fare approx. And if your item is found by the driver it will be under custody of the dept. Good luck I hope this information will help you and next time when you pay the meter bill, remember to collect the bill, this will have all the info about the taxi and driver, the company can trace the car in no time.

  2. Hi
    Today I hopped into a union taxi (U 819 )along with my friend. I have never seen such a dirty cab in my life in the UAE.
    I sat next to the cab driver.There has been nasty dust storm in Sharjah since morning.I noticed the front door glass was down and requested the driver to winde up the glass and switch on the a/c.To my surprise he asked me in a rude manner whether I really wanted the a/c to be on.I replied politely that the taxi fare is for the a/c as well.He stopped the car and asked me to pay AED 3.25 and get down.I refused and he moved further ahead and put the a/c on. I made a comment to my friend who was sitting in the rear seat about the driver’s attitude in our mother tongue(Malayalam).The driver suddenly put the a/c in full strength.I got really anoyed and asked the driver to stop the vehicle.I paid him AED 5/- and asked for a receipt but he refused to give me one.I called on 06-5325555 and asked for the email address of Union Taxi to lodge a complaint.The man who answered the phone said they do not have an email ID and I have to call them tomorrow 8AM for complaints.

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