How NOT to Throw a Launch Party for the Press…

The invitation read “Put on your dancing shoes and get a partner along”. It was a launch party invitation from PR agency Nettresults on behalf of Motorola. Motorola was launching its latest Rokr E38 music phone and so decided to throw the press a party at one of Dubai’s night clubs. The party was organised at Elegante at Royal Ascot Hotel at Bur Dubai, which opened in December 2007.

The invitation said that the party was to begin at 10 pm. Me and my friend reached the venue by 10;15 pm and found the entrance cordoned off. First I thought, “May be there is another entry to the club.” Usually when companies or PR agencies arrange events, they ensure that they are there well in advance to guide the invitees. In this particular instance, it was not the case. We couldn’t find anyone!

So I called my contact at Nettresults and learned that she was just on her way to the venue. OK, she can be forgiven because Dubai’s traffic is a bitch. So, we stood there like total idiots for about an hour. I suggested to my friend that rather than standing in front of the club’s entrance, why not sit in the comfort of the hotel lobby. He agreed.

Finally the PR lady called and told me that the club was now allowing people to enter. We reached the entrance and we found it still cordoned off with two bouncers standing in front of it with “I will kill you if I hear a peep!” looks on their faces. OK, while we are still on the topic, is it really necessary for bouncers to have that “You breathe and you’re dead” look?

All they need to do is ask people behaving awkwardly to leave the club or escort them to the door. Are pony tails and mean looks important for that? I don’t think so! To all the bouncers reading this post – you don’t become a bouncer just by making mean faces at people. No, you don’t look cool – you really look as if you are severely constipated.

Then once we entered the club, we sat at one of the tables we could find. The PR people even didn’t bother to check whether we needed anything – nor did the club’s employees. The female employees most of who were “whites”, were the worst – they just jaywalked by thinking to themselves “Ooh I am pretty – look at me. I am even prettier than Paris Hilton!”, while me and my friend sat there as morons not knowing what was happening around us.

There were a few other journos and photographers from what I presume were newspapers. I hadn’t seen them in my life at any of the press conferences. The photographers started clicking away pictures of the new phone and the models holding them, as if there was no tomorrow. And to add to the insult, nobody seemed to care to announce that the party had started.

After sitting idle for about 45 minutes, I was totally pissed off at the pathetic treatment me and my friend were given. I said, “F**k it, let’s leave!” He agreed. So we left the “party” and while leaving, I realised that nobody from the PR agency even cared that we were leaving so early – before the party had even started!

We drove straight to Cinestar at Deira City Centre, bought tickets to the premiere show of The Mummy 3 and went straight into the cinema hall. Yeah, the movie was fun! 🙂

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  1. wow!! what an event! i’m surprised that press are still responding to launch events, this one probably promised to be fun! hard luck!
    glad the movie was good 🙂

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