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Yesterday, when I logged onto, one of my favourite destinations on the web, I was in for a shock. A message was posted on the front page of the website titled “Time to Say Goodbye”. For those who don’t know what is all about – is a blog that posts details of new scene releases. The “Goodbye” post by Editor ReeGed claimed that seven editors inlcuding him have tendered their resignations, over allegations of mistreatment by the web site’s owner Martin.

Here’s ReeGed’s goodbye post:

It is with great sadness that I must announce that the following RLSLOG staff members hereby resign from their positions: Over, Christian, Nyr, sc0rff, Nikola, Mr.X and myself (ReeGed). Unfortunately it’s not the 1st of April this time around.

During my time as a RLSLOG editor and admin I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Most people make a very minor contribution (a couple of posts or so) then they leave their editors account unused. I’ve also seen major contributors leave RLSLOG. Shiny and Lee left the site without really stating their true reasons. Their reasons however were the same as ours, but the editors above including myself are hereby giving you, the reader, the courtesy of knowing why we must leave this site which we have put endless hours of work into.

RLSLOG was once a very small project. I don’t think anyone ever suspected this site would grow as much as it has. At the end of July this year, we peaked at 237,814 UNIQUE visitors in one day. On a regular day we’ll get anything from 200,000 to 230,000 unique visitors. This growth came about relatively quickly. RLSLOG has only been around for a bit over 2 years. As you might imagine, the curve of ad revenue growth over time must look pretty sweet.

The truth of course, is that only one single person sees the full profits from the RLSLOG ads and that is Martin (the founder and owner of the site). The majority of the staff including myself completely accepted this and continued to write our articles. RLSLOG was a fun hobby for us and never something we expected any money from. In the past 5 months however, we’ve witnessed the regard to quality from the owner slowly decay. When the staff has had their eyes set on improving this site, his aims have been to increase ad revenue. To do so, he has turned this site into something we can no longer proudly write for.

On a personal level I’d like to thank all of the great people that have made my time at RLSLOG such a pleasant one. Some of the editors had a couple of things to add:

As the second longest running editor on besides Martin, I have decided it is time to call it. Spanning over 16 months and 1000 posts I’ve decided to quit while I’m ahead. There have been too many disagreements between the staff and the site’s owner, and we have all collectively decided to completely cease operations from here on.

Being an editor for a site which does not value the input and feedback of its staff is not something I’d like to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who commented and I hope you’ve made good use of the applications (my main category) I’ve posted about.

I have not been an editor for very long here on rlslog, but from my short time, being involved with the wonderful staff, the forums and the awesome irc community I have discovered the true face of rlslog from the inside. I have dedicated many late nights to cover TV releases from across the pond with nothing in return. Unfortunately the owner is unenthusiastic and has no desire to maintain quality on the site.

RLSLOG is great because of all the ACTIVE editors here. Thanks to all readers of Rlslog, & thanks for your comments. Greetz from Nikola.

I’d like to see RLSLOG grow and be more than just a SCENE news site. I could really imagine a great community here, and I am not only talking about the forums I am talking about things on a different scale. My Thanks go out to a lot of cool people i met in the staff and on IRC.

Martin in response to this post, immediately deleted the original goodbye post and posted a new blog post titled “RLSLOG Riot: Look From The Other Side“. In the blog post he claims that the blog post written by ReeGed were full of “half-truths and complete lies.” He claims that ReeGed did this in response to Martin’s decision of not bumping ReeGed’s account’s level to Admin.

Martin also added that by doing so, he had doubts that ReeGed would get enough power to threaten him or other editors and staff at by deleting blog posts or even user accounts. Martin also pasted an entire MSN chat he had with ReeGed regarding the issue of changing ReeGed’s user account status to Admin.

While the site is now up and running and is being updated regularly, I have doubts that it will remain problem free in the future, too. So if you you are into scene releases or are a huge fan of BitTorrent, I suggest you check out these competitors:

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