‘Rock On!!’ is an Instant Cult Hit!

Following up with my review of “Rock On!!”, here’s another post on the movie – this time on the music of the movie, especially the track “Tum ho toh”. While listening to the song today, I hit upon a thought, “Why not check out the video of the song on YouTube?” So I searched “Tum ho toh” on YouTube and i was amazed at the search results I was presented with – 319 search results! “What’s so great about the search results?” you may ask.

Well, of the 319 search results, about 40% of the videos listed were user generated – youngsters posting their own rendition of “Tum Ho Toh”. And most of them were really good. I have posted a couple of them, which I found to be excellent. Farhan… get ready for some serious competition!

By the way, here’s the original song’s video from the movie:

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