Getting Psyched With Dexter

Before the five day Eid holidays kicked off (though we ended up working two of the five Eid holidays – but that’s a different story altogether), my colleague Irish got her portable hard disk drive and said “Chris, do you want any movies for the weekend?” I wasn’t going to say no to that. I said, “Yes, of course!” She said she had these DVD images and one of them was that of a sitcom called Dexter.

Dexter poster

I first thought – Cartoon Network’s ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’. Turns out that the sitcom was about this guy named Dexter Morgan, who works for the Miami Police Department as a forensic blood spatter pattern analyst. In his spare time, Dexter is a serial killer with a catch: he only kills murderers that he believes have escaped from judicial punishment. This is his idea of ‘cleaning out the garbage’, if you know what I mean. The series is based on Jeff Lindsay’s 2004 novel – Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

I finished the first season (36 episodes back-to-back!!) today and was quite amazed with the direction, the story, the cast and the acting. I would say the first season was brilliant. Yes, this was the first sitcom I enjoyed watching after I watched Heroes about a year ago.

The first season of Dexter focuses mostly on “The Ice Truck Killer” — a serial killer eluding the Miami PD who is communicating with Dexter through his crime scenes. I have started watching the second season of Dexter and I hope it turns out to be as good as the first season.

Remember though that the series isn’t for those weak at heart – lots of blood and gore in there. So if you like slash-fests, you should definitely check this one out. And yes, you have to listen to the original sound track of the series – it’s bone chilling – especially the Dexter Theme and the Dexter Blood Theme!!

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