Max Payne is a Pain in the Ass

The other day, me and my friend went to Cinestar Cinemas at Deira City Centre to watch Max Payne. I was actually looking forward to the movie, because I love the game and I wanted to find out whether the movie adaptation of the game was equally brilliant. And I am disappointed. While there is a little difference the movie and the game, the plot is similar.

max payne poster

Max Payne is a maverick cop – a mythic anti-hero – determined to track down those responsible for the brutal murders of his family and partner. Hell-bent on revenge, his obsessive investigation takes him on a nightmare journey into a dark underworld. As the mystery deepens, Max is forced to battle enemies beyond the natural world and face an unthinkable betrayal.

Mark Wahlberg plays Max Payne in the movie, whose performance is awesome. A variety of cool special effects have been used in the movie, including a few freeze-frame effects similar to those in the Matrix series. However, the movie does have a few loose ends – the plot is illogical and after watching the movie, I actually thought that though the director of the movie visualises the scenes beautifully, the execution isn’t proper.

At some point the movie got so boring that I actually started dozing off between scenes! I also thought a few of the scenes were unnecessary – especially the use of freeze-frame effect towards the the end of the movie when Max Payne is shown shooting at BB on the helipad of the Aesir building. The scene was as if the director and the producers thought, “OK guys, so we have some money left in the special effects department. Let’s use it for this freeze-frame, though it doesn’t really make sense!”

Final Rating: 2/5

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