A Scam called IIPM

For those who don’t know what IIPM is – it’s The Indian Institute of Planning and Management, run by a self styled “Management Guru” – Arindam Chaudhuri.

For those who don’t know what IIPM REALLY is – It’s a fraud institution run by a scamster.

This scam was busted by JAM Magazine. This is what it writes on its website as an intro to the story:

You see the ads in the papers almost everyday. They claim to be one of the 10 best B-schools in India, and in some ‘fields’ even BETTER than the IIMs. We wanted to be doubly sure, so we did a little asking around, and here’s what we found out! There are many questions that come to mind when one glances at IIPM’s full page advertisements. Will it REALLY be beneficial to my career if I complete IIPM’s MBA program? Can all of these promises made be backed up by facts? And will I get a suitable return on my investment?

“The truth is out there” they say. And with that thought in mind, we went fact-finding.

Unable to bear the amount of embarrassment created by this JAM article, it went on to sue two bloggers – Gaurav and Varna. If you look carefully, both the lawsuits look similar – no changes made, which essentially means that the organisation hasn’t yet learnt from its mistakes. While this what’s been happening with Gaurav and Varna, some imposter from IIPM has been posting vulgar comments over JAM Editor Rashmi Bansal’s Blog.

How CHEAP can an educational institute get?

PS: SepiaMutiny has a really good post on this.

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  1. IIPM SUCKSSSS..plan man fuckerssss..bangalore all plan man n academics bloody hell stupidsss

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