Ridiculous: Taxi Fares in Dubai Revised

Wow! I really can’t stop at being amazed at daily changes in rules and laws (official and governmental) in this part of the world. Of course I am talking about UAE in general and Dubai in particular. It was just a few months ago that the starting fare for taking a taxi from Sharjah to Dubai was increased to AED20 with by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Dubai Taxi

And now, Dubai has followed suit, by increasing the taxi fares. From now on, the minimum fare for commuting in a taxi in Dubai will be AED 10. For those traveling from Dubai to Sharjah, the starting fee has been revised to AED 20. Apparently, the changes in the fares were made “after drivers complained of poor earnings as a result of too many short rides, which affected their income targets,” claims a newspaper report.

This is ridiculous considering the timing of these changes in taxi fares. While governments across the globe are trying their best to ease the burden on its people bought out by the economic slump, the UAE government seems to be too inconsiderate of the problems faced by people living in this country.

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