Pitching Your Freelance Writing Services

Many freelance writers, when they’re looking for work, send around their CV. This is a VERY ineffective tactic. Everyone’s busy. Who has time to read a CV, and then work out how they can use your talents? CVs, resumes, and blatant statements such as: Hi, I’m John Doe, and I’ve written blah, blah, blah… do you have work for me? John Doe (and Mary Jane), it’s YOUR job to find out what a company does, and how YOU can help the company to do it better, faster and cheaper.

Therefore, you should always focus on a pitch as your primary selling tool. When you send a pitch, it’s read. Your pitch is offering to solve a problem. If you send a company a letter offering to solve a problem for them, they’ll certainly read it with close attention. Pitches are your primary tool for getting work from businesses. Below, there are several success tips for pitching your freelance writing services to companies.

Don’t be afraid of e-mail queries. You could choose to pitch your queries to companies via e-mail. If you do son, use your subject line to clearly explain what the e-mail is about. So, if you were to pitch an article about being a successful freelance writer, you could put “Query: How to be a Successful Freelance Writer” in the subject line.

Be flexible in terms of length. A successful query letter can be a single paragraph, or a two-page letter. It depends on the nature and scope of the article. You need to convey just the right amount of information to the editor. To pitch your freelance writing services successfully, you need to find the balance between inciting the editor’s curiosity and writing too much.

Keep your query short and sweet. Successful query letters are short yet well-rounded. Show you have access to sources or experts. Give the names, locations, and credentials of the sources you’ll interview for your article. To pitch your freelance articles to magazines successfully, don’t promise experts or sources that you can’t deliver!

Describe the scope and structure of your article. Is this a how-to article, a service piece, or a round-up of health tips? Will you include anecdotes or scientific research – or a mixture of both? If you want to sell what you write, you need to be clear about the article.

Explain why people would want to read your article. To pitch your freelance article to a magazine successfully, highlight the benefit to readers. Will they improve their lives, escape from reality, or learn how to build a deck? Make sure the reader benefit is clear.

Include an eye-catching, descriptive title. Titles and subtitles can be time-consuming and difficult to write, but they can sell your article. To sell what you write, take the time to create a title that hooks the editor’s attention.

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