Twitterers Want Their News, and Want It Now

Online ad network Chitika recently broke down a sample of users from their network to see what Twitter users want. By categorizing the sites that get links from Twitter, Chitika determined that the thing that Twitterers want the most is news, with over 28% of all traffic going to news sites. Movie sites took second place with 22.56% of Twitter traffic, followed by tech and gadget sites with 13.39%. Medical sites rounded out the top 4 with 7.98%.

Given Twitter’s unique ability to bring information instantly to large numbers of people, it’s not surprising that news leads the way. From being the first to publish pictures of a Turkish Airlines plane crash to the social network’s breaking of US Airways Flight 1549’s dramatic crash into the Hudson River earlier this year, Twitter’s instantaneous and collaborative nature has made it out to be the bleeding edge of all news.

Compare Twitter’s results, though, with older, more established social network Facebook, and the value and perception of Twitter’s speed become more obvious. While news sites do receive a good deal of Facebook’s referrals, they lag behind tech and lifestyle sites – tech sites dominate Facebook’s traffic with over 33% of the network’s referrals going there. The comparison seems to be that Twitterers want knowledge, and to be the first to hear about everything, whereas Facebook users are more interested in being the coolest, with the newest gadgets and hottest fashion.

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