Ms. Pratibha Naithani (and Forum Against Obscenity) goes nuts!

I was just reading through one of my favourite tabloids apna Mid Day, when I came across a news story that announced “Stop this nudity, violence and sex!” The article is in fact a letter that was sent to Mid Day by “Forum Against Obscenity”, of which Ms. Pratibha Naithani (a political science professor of some Mumbai college) is a part of. The letter states that Mid Day has become an obscene newspaper and resembles a pornographic magazine such as Playboy(!). Now only if somebody could throw some light and explain the meaning of “pornography” to Ms. Naithani and the “crusaders” (read losers) from Forum Against Obscenity.

Well, I have been reading Mid Day for the past 15 years and I really like the crispy style of reporting they do. I really think that Ms. Pratibha Naithani and Forum Against Obscenity need a brain transplant immediately. This only goes to show that Ms. Pratibha Naithani and the Forum Against Obscenity, can do anything for cheap publicity.

The Forum Against Obscenity claims that Mid Day only writes about “sex”. The letter further adds – “What kind of journalism is this? Where are your ethics of journalism? Where is your regard for the law of the land? If you think that by writing only about sex and by printing semi nude photographs of women, by titillating the readers, by writing abuses, you are able to sell your newspaper, then do not call your self a newspaper, become a sex magazine like Playboy.”

I ask – “What about freedom of speech and expression?” May be it’s time we started covering up ancient statues and scriblings found at many temples and historic sites in India. Going by what Ms. Pratibha Naithani and the Forum Against Obscenity wants, everyone in India should destroy their television sets and refrain from watching any TV channel. All media houses should shut shops.

I couldn’t control my laughter when I read the letter on Mid Day’s website. I think Ms. Pratibha Naithani and the Forum Against Obscenity have totally gone nuts! I would advice them both to go get a life and stop this bullshit about ethics once and for all.

5 thoughts on “Ms. Pratibha Naithani (and Forum Against Obscenity) goes nuts!”

  1. arrey bhaaai… whats all this… I strongly feel mid-day is one super crap paper… just masala… nothing else… but that doesn’t mean I agree with whoever that Nathani or whatever says… these women donm’t have anything to do at home… so they come out and play some gimmicks… all non-sense…

  2. Pratibha Naithani is a women is severe denial. Her partner is majorly impotent and though she intensely craves sex and satisfaction, she herself has a mortal fear of an aroused penis.

    Only such a person can be so rabid in pursuit of censorship.

    She deserves to be locked away on Pluto if not farther away. Or better still keep thrusting an aroused penis in her facetious, self righteous face, to cure her for good and save all our souls.

  3. Pratiba Naithani doesn’t know the first thing about ethics. She’s just a frustrated and hypocritical woman who’s not had any attention paid to her by guys when she was young which makes her go gaga over the media not paying enough attention to HER ahem- “cause”…

  4. Pratibha ji,
    Aap ke bare me ek newspaper me pada .. ushi dauran mujhe ek Gurdass Mann ka gana yaad aaya : ekho sir kafi hunda kom de daman layi” aapne wo karke dikhya hai dhanya hain wo maa bap jinhone aapko janm diya.

    kapil dobhal
    Aswalsyoun Pauri Garhwal uttarakhand
    a social worker

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