Top Viral Marketing Techniques

In order for something to become viral – meaning, spread rapidly like a virus it has to be something that can easily be sent to others with little effort. It should also be something that “stands out” from the rest of the content on the Internet. Finally, it should have some sort of perceived value – not necessarily a monetary value per se. But it should have some sort of educational or entertainment value.

Following are some highly effective viral marketing techniques that should be part of your overall marketing strategy:

1. Videos. Upload an interesting, educational and/or entertaining video to YouTube, Metacafe and other video-share sites that captures the imagination of viewers, and anything is possible. Case in Point: Ted Williams. Need I say more? Speaking of videos, I’m currently in the process of converting some of my “How to” titles into videos…more on that later.

To learn how you can use videos to market your business even if you don’t have a camera, I highly recommend you Google and read Tracy Matthewman’s excellent tutorial, “How To Make Videos Even If You Don’t Have A Camera And Are Terribly Shy”.

2. Social Media. Although Hotmail achieved viral marketing success before the advent of social media, it’s hard to imagine a business having that same level of success today without participating in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Simply put, social media marketing, if executed properly, can put your viral marketing efforts on steroids!

3. Article Marketing. If you write articles and allow them to be syndicated, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that one or more of your articles could go viral – provided, of course, they are well-written, interesting, educational and/or entertaining, and provide good value.

I receive articles in my e-mail box all the time from friends and colleagues who think the content is something I might be interested in reading. More often than not, they’re right. After you write your articles, you can significantly grow the reach of your content by converting them into videos, using conversion software such as and As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently in the process of converting some of my “How to” titles into videos.

If you don’t write well, or don’t enjoy writing, reputable and professional article writing services like Nicole Beckett’s, can write articles for you at a reasonable cost.

4. Tweet Button. The Tweet Button is pretty much everywhere these days. This useful widget allows users to post a tweet to their Twitter profile from any website. Here’s how it works: Tweets posted using the Tweet Button are pre-populated with a shortened link to the webpage from which the message was sent (for example, your website). Users have the option of customizing the tweet’s content before posting it. This is an excellent way to give visitors to your site the ability to spread your content via Twitter. You can get a tweet button at the following link:

5. Share Widget. Share widgets give your visitors the ability to easily share and bookmark your website through popular social network websites. You can get a share widget from

6. E-Books. E-Books have long been one of the most effective methods of viral marketing because they’re easy to produce and have the ability to reach a large audience. If your e-book contains content that is interesting, entertaining and/or educational, and offers good value, readers will enthusiastically pass it along to others.

If writing isn’t your forte, rebrandable e-books (e-books written by others) gives you the ability to accomplish the same thing. WhiteDove has an excellent affiliate program already set up through ClickBank. Simply rebrand the e-books, and give them away or sell them. You will then make commission on back-end sales from your affiliate links within the books.

7. Newsletters. Newsletters are not only an excellent way to keep the name of your business in front your subscribers, they also have excellent viral potential. To take full advantage of this potential, at the end of your newsletter, ALWAYS encourage readers to pass your newsletter along to others. You’d be surprised how many actually will – if you simply prompt them to do so. You can create a newsletter quickly, easily and inexpensively through services like and

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